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Our Team

Rima Maroun -

With her photography, Rima unravels the unseen. Since before she established herself in Beirut as a photographer and performer, Rima has been dreaming of a space for artists where they could explore their craft, showcase it, and evolve with it. It was a recurring topic of imagination with her childhood friends Eric and Aurelien. With them, she eventually co-founded Collectif Kahraba back in 2006, while still pushing her photography forward. In 2008, Rima received the Anna Lindh Foundation award for dialogue through art and culture. She has exhibited her work throughout Europe and the Middle East, namely Italy, Hungary, Syria, France, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Montenegro, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. She exhibited her work at the Gallery Janine Rubeiz, Beirut Exhibition Center, Institut Français de Beirut, Beirut Art Center among others. In addition to being an artist, Rima is also cofounder of Pulse Production Company and her own company Rima Wedding Photos.