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Training and artistic education are at the heart Collectif Kahraba's mission, through workshops in multidisciplinary artistic practices aimed at professionals and amateurs of up to 108 years old. All year long, CK implements multiple opportunities for different audiences, be it through short sessions of initiation and discovery, regular interventions in schools, intensive workshops, or summer art camps. Artistic training is not only a means to acquire tools, but is more essentially an opportunity to welcome the experience of another. It is an acceptance of not knowing, of regularly questioning one's skills to cultivate a living art and not a dead language, to develop a thought, give oneself the means and the time to understand the socio-cultural context in which one's art is rooted.

CK offers to regularly accompany young artists in their professional careers through meetings or through internships in partnership with other cultural institutions. Within this context, we invite local and international artists to transmit their experiences. CK also offers training that builds meetings and exchanges generated through artist networks which are continuously growing.