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Hammana Artist House

Inaugurated in 2017, Hammana Artist House is a 1700 m2 space dedicated to artistic creation and formation. Situated in the heart of Hammana, a village 45 minutes away from Beirut, this place of residence has several rehearsal and accommodation spaces, a scenography workshop, and an open-air theatre. Throughout the year, local and international artists can benefit from the time, space, and support they need to develop their artistic practices. Generating multiple partnerships and types of collaborations across the country, as well as regionally and internationally, HAH stimulates a diverse cultural dynamic, encourages creative processes that incorporate the country's realities, and promotes an all-inclusive artistic approach. Hammana Artist House is also a home, one that gathers artists and audiences around a multidisciplinary programme in a hospitable and warm environment. Residences : Time, space and tools to search, risk, make mistakes, review, try again, rewrite.


Residences are at the heart of HAH's mission. They provide a safe and quiet environment, as well as the means and professional support necessary for the development of contemporary artistic practices for local, international and exiled artists. HAH also creates opportunities for residencies abroad thanks to its network of partners. We have already established partnerships with major cultural and artistic structures in Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Transmission : Transmit an art, a technique, a profession, a passion. Transmit the joy of creating together and for others. Training and artistic education are at the heart of this house, through multidisciplinary artistic practice workshops for professionals and amateurs up to 108 years old. Collectif Kahraba offers training time in the performing arts as well as support for creation and also invites artists they meet on their way to join them in this process. Thus, established artists offer Hammana training in dramaturgy, scenography, acting, dance, etc. It is about giving young artists living in Lebanon the means to practice their art. It is then up to these young people, like each of us, to look at the world around them and reveal its beauty. Programming : Cultivate the art of meeting in all its forms. Throughout the year, Hammana Artist House offers a multidisciplinary local and international artistic program that invites us to awaken our curiosity and our ability to perceive the world with poetry. With Hammana Artist House, it is the art of encounter that Collectif Kahraba chooses to put forward to develop imagination, critical sense and to contribute, in a shared responsibility, to build up a culture of peace.


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