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About us

Founded in 2007, Collectif Kahraba is a performing arts company comprising artists and technicians from different walks of life who firmly believe that art is a pathway for dialogue and openness. Thanks to a growing network of actors, writers, stage directors, photographers, puppeteers and dancers, brought together by the will to exchange tools and knowledge and to meet the audience, Collectif Kahraba poetically questions the world in which we evolve. With over 18 productions that tour regularly across Lebanon and internationally, Collectif Kahraba initiated “Us, the Moon & The Neighbours” in 2011; a free, multi-disciplinary festival. With 6 editions, the festival managed to position itself as a real platform for collaboration, exchange and encounters amongst audiences and local and international artists. In 2017 Collectif Kahrba takes the artistic direction of Hammana Artist House, a residency space for artists that it co-founded with Robert Eid. With Hammana Artist House, it’s the art of encounter that Collectif Kahraba chooses to put forth as a vehicle to develop the imaginary, curiosity, critical sense, and to contribute, in a shared responsibility, to building a culture of peace.


About Collectif