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Our Team

Marielise Aad -

What most people don’t know about Marielise is that in addition to her being an actress, a puppeteer, a clown doctor and a seasoned drummer, she is also a hedgehog lover and knows how to count to 9. She graduated in 2018 from USJ - IESAV with a master degree in theater research and in 2006 from the Lebanese University - National Institute of Fine Arts with a degree in acting and directing. She owes her versatility in art to an extensive journey with many established artists such as Aida Sabra, Berge Vazilian, Camille Salameh, Dany Boustany, Eric Deniaud, Georges Khabbaz, Hanane El Hajj Ali, Issam Bou Khaled, Lazar Pavlov, Lucia Carbone, Merlin Borg, Nehme Nehme, Rafat Alzakout, Sahar Assaf, Samir Habché amd Zeina Daccache. She passionately contributed to the work of many structures such as the Abaad, Arcenciel, AUB Theater Initiative, Caritas, Catharsis-LCDT, ClownMeIn, Collectif Subito Presto, Ettijahat- Independent Culture, Himaya, Ibtissama “Smile” Foundation, Lebanese Puppet Theater/ Khayal Association, The Islamic Welfare orphanage, Walkabout Drum Circle. Her journey with Collectif Kahraba started as a big fan of the company’s creations, until she joined the adventure as a performer in NAJ 2012. Since 2017, she has joined HAH team where she enjoys making change in the cultural sector while pursuing her career as a performer.