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Voix dans le Noir

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Éric Deniaud


Matei Visniec


Aurélien Zouki


Éric Deniaud

Voix dans le Noir

A multitude of grotesque characters, curious and bewildered, numbed by the absurdity of our society, come to life in a minimal set: a window frame open to the world and its paradoxes. Matéi Visniec was born in1956 in Romania. He first became known for is pure and lucid poetry, before devoting himself to theatre plays. His first plays will be forbidden for publication and creation. Since 1987 he lives in France. More than twenty of his plays written in french are nowadays played in around twenty countries, including Romania since communism failed.


Voices in the Dark was created in 2009 in Beirut and has been presented in France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary and in Lebanon. “In our country, brain washing is free and obligatory. Each citizen has to wash his brain at least once a year” Matéi Visniec’s texts are screeching, cruel and poetic and offer a palette of colourful personalities who can sometimes be mistaken for a neighbour or that woman you do not know but see every day on your way to work.