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Chrebt el Bahr w Ma Ntafa Nari

Creation Date




Aurélien Zouki


Stephane Rives


Christophe Leblay, Éric Deniaud, and Rima Maroun

Chrebt el Bahr w Ma Ntafa Nari

I DRANK THE SEA BUT MY FIRE STILL BURNS A body facing a threshold to accomplish the mourning. To mourn all those who preceded him in death, more or less in a brutal, violent, unfair way, or in ignorance of all. Tragic events and losses never stopped to happen in the country. Bodies are impregnated, and now bear the burden of this incessant suite, where there is no more space for grief, no more silence for a possible peace of the living facing death. What is present today in our body? Which part of this legacy do we accept to give presence? What absences do we feel in us? What can we do to accept these absences? It is about denial and acceptance, coexistence within us of the insurmountable and the necessity to continue to believe in life. It is to this potential of the body and its ability to generate a great life force that I turned my attention on and that gives me the possibility to call expressions of different memories of the body. "I drank the sea and my fire still burns" is a metaphoric and poetic journey towards a possible release of the body bereaved. At the crossroads of dance and object manipulation, this work was built on a trio: body / object / space. The movement is created and is initiated by either one of the possible relationships between these three. A wooden door and the body of a dancer are inventing the crossing of a body towards freedom, that unfolds in a newfound confidence. Supported by the French Cultural Center in Beirut and Collective Takween. It was created in Beirut in April 2011 during Arab Dance Platform.