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Apple Crumble

Creation Date


45 minutes


Camille Brunel and Maxime Potherat


Camille Brunel with Aurélien Zouki


Éric Deniaud


Camille Brunel

Apple Crumble

Apple is 32 years old, a cake to be cooked and an envelope to be opened. Single without child, she’s dying for crumble and quantum physics. Apples, photons, flour, butter, humour and cinnamon are the ingredients of her favorite dessert. One year ago, a young man gave her an envelope and made her promise not to open it before one year. Excited by eccentric experiments, Apple held the promise and waited one year. Tonight is finally time for truth! While her crumble is baking, the young woman imagines in front of us the most incredible scenarios, trying to guess the content of this mysterious letter. A lifetime infinitely great in the middle of the infinitely small opens then, rich of imagination and freedom. As long as the envelope is not open, all the equations are possible. The performance is in french.