Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran is a free, outdoor festival, open to any and everybody.

The three-day festival offers theatre, dance, puppetry, storytelling and music in a Beirut neighborhood.

Taking the form of a guided tour, small happenings occur throughout the evening, unfolding a story that culminates in a highlighted event.

The quartier becomes a welcoming space animated by encounters, interactions and collaborations between neighbors, guests, amateurs, professionals, artists, children and adults alike.

On a summer evening in 2010, Collective Kahraba decided to perform “Arabiyetna” to there neighbors.The warm and convivial evening of open-air theatre was the motive for Nehna wel Amar Wel Jiran, which was born the following summer. In August of 2011, Collective Kahraba presented four of our shows and invited over 30 artists to co-create artistic happening and interventions that took place throughout the evening.

Nearly 2000 spectators climbed the Vendome staircase, returning night after night.

Our neighbours and other local residents are asking us to host another adventure this summer, and have already offered their help and support.

It is therefor only natural that Collectif Kahraba has already started planning the next event, giving even more importance and emphasis on children, dreams, and the coming together of artistic disciplines, while maintaining an artistic touch that "touches the heart," according to many spectators.

Because it is important to offer quality performances for free, because it is essential to share moments of beauty within family, because live art is a privileged place of encounter and living together, because art and culture are two necessary ingredients for human dignity and the construction of our societies, for three nights, stairs, balconies, windows, rooftops, and gardens are our stage.

Between one show and another, a multitude of interludes, unexpected interventions, and mini-concerts will take the audience on an unusual journey through the passageways of the neighborhood.

Refreshment stand serving beverages and healthy snacks made in collaboration with the many neighbourhood cooks will participate to the conviviality of the evenings.

Nehna wel amar wel Jiran is willing to generate links between people that wouldn’t have met, like it started last summer.

It aims to bring contemporary quality art performances to the street, for free, in a neighborhood that never had access to cultural activities.

It highlights young lebanese committed artists that have few opportunities to present their work, and even less to collaborate together.

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran 2013

Cultural Partners:

Dar Onboz, publisher house, Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Waraq, Twin Collective, Mancopy Dance Company (Danemark), Archipels, (France), Agora, Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, Hamaskayin, Tournesol Theatre, Cherine Sarouphim Lighting Design, Badguer, Maison du créateur et de l’artisan, ExtraMuros, (France), Et Compagnie, (France).



The French Embassy in Lebanon, Institut Français, Tarte aux Poires, Fida Zalloum, Aleph, Zico House, Beirut Art Center, Jai, Kaakat Catering, Ixsir, Al Akhbar, L’Orient le Jour, Time Out Magazine, Ihjoz, Naharnet, L’Agenda culturel


Programme 2013

photo Installation - Collectif Kahraba/ Dar Onboz :

Artistic Direction: Rima Maroun, with Elsie Haddad and Lara Tabet

Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Dar Onboz, Collectif Kahraba


Following the exhibition "On Fleeting Grounds" in the Janine Rubeiz Gallery, photographer Rima Maroun decides to continue the project, focusing on the neighbourhood on the Vendome staircase in Mar Mikhael. Two other photographers, Lara Tabet and Elsie Haddad, join her to create a photographic installation inscribed in the geography of the area – on the walls, the windows, the city walls....




Ya’ ward min bichtrike- Waraq

An interactive performance by WARAQ collective,

Writer, Director and Performer| Hussein Nakhal

Set and Puppets Design| David Habchy and Hussein Nakhal

Lighting Design and Execution| Nadim Saoma

Assistant Lighting Design and Execution| Fuad Halwani

Costume Design| Joan Baz

Music & sound effects| Samer Saem Eldahr (Zimo)
Animation| Ashley-phebe Choukeir

Set Construction| Joan Baz, Rodrigue Harb, Samira Baz, Dana Mikhael, Teddy Habchy, Patricia Habchy and Sara Makki

Very Special Thanks to: Aliya Khalidi, Sandy Chamoun, Dana Dia, Rawan Kachmar, Hanane El Dirani, Petra Abou Sleiman, 
Ashley-phebe Choukeir, Kholoud Nasser.

This play was produced within the framework of "Sandouk el Ferje" project, organized by Khayal Association with the support of the European Union.

He surfaced from the 7th layer of Beirut . Tucked in his arms, a clock, his babouj and plenty of other orphaned objects. He mumbles things to herself. He mumbles and she writes.

Stories he hears or stories he collects. This one is special. This story is about a particular 8 year old boy who holds his heart in his hands. It was during war . One of the many wars that Beirut has seen. This boy is suddenly faced with the death of his mother. He embarks on a journey filled with hardship and pain as he tries to find a way to come to terms with his loss.



The Bread Festival - Twin Collective

Theatre and Storytelling for Children

Text and Interpretation: Jad Hakawati and Roaa Bzeih

Director: Nehme Nehme

Scenography: Elissa Raad


Bolbol the deliveryman transports good between Zakazik village and the city. One day a beautiful white donkey followed him and they became friends. The day of the village festival has arrived, a party especially particular to Zakazik. The king and his court decide to travel to the village to attend the festival. The inhabitants of Zakazik fear they may run out of food. What do they do? What does Bolbol do? What does Chayboub do?


Beyrouth Sépia - Christèle Khodr

Theatre performance

with Christèle Khodr

Rehearsals hosted at Zoukak’ Studio

"Hanged in a spider's web - the postwar sky"

My mother remembers a city that looks like a postcard. I've never known it. I do not go looking for the lost paradise of my mother. I want to talk about my feeling of defeat when I walk in the streets of the city, when I imagine the memories of the people demolished under the rhythms of bulldozers. Maybe if I gather all these memories I could save what remains of my love for her. The city.



Jogging, Run 7enno Run ! – Agora, Collectif Kahraba, WARAQ

Multidisciplinary Performance Project in Arabic


Text, concept and interpretation by Hanane Hajj Ali, assisted by Collectif Kahraba

With Serge Yared and Raghda Mouawad

Accessories : Nathalie Lahoud

Recordings and sound mixing : Fadi Tabbal

Supported by Tunesfork studios


A theatre performance that revolves around « Hanane Hajj Ali », the actress and the Lebanese citizen, in Beirut, 2011. Hanane, a woman in her fifties, is practicing on stage the same usual physical exercises that she usually does in her daily life that help prevent obesity, osteoporosis and depression. This routine allows her on one hand to communicate with her inner private space, and with the outer public space of the city.

The benefits of the workout are intricate and contradictory: it boosts the levels of two hormones in the body: the dopamine and the adrenaline that have double effect: a constructive stimulant and a destructive one at the same time, within a city that destroys to build and builds to destroy.


Contemporary dance

Eight peoples, Eight rules - Clara Sfeir

Contemporary dance performance

Dancers: Romy Lynn Attieh, Alia Hamdan, Ghida Hashisho, Mohammad Khansa, Habib Rahmeh, Clara Sfeir, Mona Shaar, Corinne Skaff.

Musicians: Maria Rijo Lopez da Cunha on Cello, Joss Turnbull on percussion (Tunbak)

This performance is supported by: Tournesol Theater, Houna Center Hamra, Collectif Kahraba, Stun Gym Jnah.

" Eight People and Eight Rules" is a performance resulting from a three- week laboratory proposed by Clara Sfeir, involving eight dancers and two musicians. 

The performers created a set of different rules on Who, How, and When a series of choreographed sequences and improvisations can be performed. 

Gathered on a playground for three consecutive nights, the experience of both the performers and the audience will vary according to the way the game evolves based on the different choices made by the participants. 




Mancopy Dance company, Danemark

Choregraphed by: Jens Bjerregaard assisted by Geoliane Arab

Dancers: Maura Morales (Cuba/Germany), Lodie Kardouss (France/Belgium), Jens Bjerregaard (Denmark).

ABSOLUTES is supported by the Danish Arts Council and Wilhelm Hansen Foundation. It was created in Lebanon in 2013, the performance in “Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran 2013” is a world premiere.

ABSOLUTES is a program of three solos.

Performers are separated, isolated, each in a bubble, each attempting to reach completion, perfection- an absolute.

It is the abstract yearning for one’s unlimited and ultimate self that transforms the scenes into simple close-ups of three individuals trying to deal with the contemporary world.



The Students of the Lebanese Higher National Music Conservatory


The festival will host various students’ works in small, outdoor concerts and musical interludes.


Mustafa Said and Joss Turnbull Concert

Vocal, Oud and percussion ( Tunbak)

Longtime collaborators, Mustafa and Joss, two wonders of music that come from Egypt and Germany. They will offer a concert of improvised oriental music.


Dominique Pifarely and Michele Rabbia, Concert - Cie Archipels

Archipels Company

Violon and percussion
Two voices, two gestures improvise one worldly idea, an acoustic rustle, the rustle of electronic instruments and space, in an attempt to sound choreography.

"The sound I'm looking for is a blast: it is drafted with a gesture of the hand, it swells and growls in the skull, gets lost after slow explosion. The sound I'm looking for is the idea of ​​a short, spinning dance of taut skin excited by a stick, bone, palm or hammer on the bronze. " (François Bon, Forms of War, 2010).

Moon, Neighbours, Us