Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran is a free, outdoor festival, open to any and everybody.

The three-day festival offers theatre, dance, puppetry, storytelling and music in a Beirut neighborhood.

Taking the form of a guided tour, small happenings occur throughout the evening, unfolding a story that culminates in a highlighted event.

The quartier becomes a welcoming space animated by encounters, interactions and collaborations between neighbors, guests, amateurs, professionals, artists, children and adults alike.

On a summer evening in 2010, Collective Kahraba decided to perform “Arabiyetna” to there neighbors.The warm and convivial evening of open-air theatre was the motive for Nehna wel Amar Wel Jiran, which was born the following summer. In August of 2011, Collective Kahraba presented four of our shows and invited over 30 artists to co-create artistic happening and interventions that took place throughout the evening.

Nearly 2000 spectators climbed the Vendome staircase, returning night after night.

Our neighbours and other local residents are asking us to host another adventure this summer, and have already offered their help and support.

It is therefor only natural that Collectif Kahraba has already started planning the next event, giving even more importance and emphasis on children, dreams, and the coming together of artistic disciplines, while maintaining an artistic touch that "touches the heart," according to many spectators.

Because it is important to offer quality performances for free, because it is essential to share moments of beauty within family, because live art is a privileged place of encounter and living together, because art and culture are two necessary ingredients for human dignity and the construction of our societies, for three nights, stairs, balconies, windows, rooftops, and gardens are our stage.

Between one show and another, a multitude of interludes, unexpected interventions, and mini-concerts will take the audience on an unusual journey through the passageways of the neighborhood.

Refreshment stand serving beverages and healthy snacks made in collaboration with the many neighbourhood cooks will participate to the conviviality of the evenings.

Nehna wel amar wel Jiran is willing to generate links between people that wouldn’t have met, like it started last summer.

It aims to bring contemporary quality art performances to the street, for free, in a neighborhood that never had access to cultural activities.

It highlights young lebanese committed artists that have few opportunities to present their work, and even less to collaborate together.

Us, the Moon and the Neighbors 2012

 This year’s edition was presented in collaboration with many cultural partners:

Dar Onboz Publishing House, Dawawine, Cultural Association, Janine Rbeiz, Art Gallery, SH+CZ, Landscape Architecture, Agial Social and Cultural Association, LABAN Theatre Company, ExtraMuros (France), Theatre Company, Mancopy Dance Company (Danemark), International Contemporary Dance Company

Supported by:

- The Arab Fund for Art and Culture, Institut Français de Beyrouth, The Swiss Embassy in Lebanon, Tarte aux Poires, Event Planning, Zico House, Crepaway, Haribo, On Paper, l’Agenda Culturel, Al Akhbar, L’Orient le Jour, An Nahar, Sans Bagages (France), Theatre Company, Walkabout Drum Circle, Waraq, Shirine Sarouphim, IXSIR, ALEPH



Sab’a w Sab’a

Shadow Puppet Theater and Hakawati

Coproduction: Dar Onboz and Collective Kahraba

Shadows and Director: Eric Deniaud

Storytelling and Handling: Nadine Touma

Sound Design: Sivine Ariss

Apple Crumble


Coproduction: Compagnie Sans Bagages and Collectif Kahraba

Text: Camille Brunel and Maxime Potherat

Direction: Camille Brunel with the help of Aurélien Zouki

Scenography: Éric Deniaud

With support of Zico House / Beirut


Adam bi Jannet bala thimar (Adam in an Unfruitful Eden)

Theatre for Adults–Arabic

Text: Raymond Gebara

Direction and Performance: Yara Bou Nassar, Elie Youssef

Sound Design: Fouad Yammine

Scenography: Yara Bou Nassar, Elie Youssef, Nabil Yammine

Accessories and Sound Technician: Serena Chami

Lighting: Charbel Aoun


Voices in the Dark

Puppets for Adults–French

Coproduction: ExtraMuros and Collectif Kahraba

Text: Matei Visniec

Puppets and Interpretation: Eric Deniaud, with the help of Aurelien Zouki


Every Last Breath

Contemporary DAnce

Mancopy Dance Company, Denmark

Chorégraphie: Jens Bjerregaard, with the assistance of Geoliane Arab

Dancers: Yendi Nammour, Geoliane Arab, Mahmoud Rabiyeh, Aurelien Zouki

Voice and music remix: Zeid Hamdan



Dominique Pifarély-Compagnie Archipels, violin & Stephane Rives saxophone

Oussama Abdel Fatah, Abed Kobeissi, Bilal Bitar, Dida Guigan werre also part of the festival



Video Danse Installation

In partnership with the Janine Rbeiz Gallery, Rima Maroun will present her work “Les Pleureuses”,




In collaboration with Dawawine cultural association, an outdoor cinema was erected for an

evening, in homage to now destroyed Cinema Vendôme, after which the staircase is named.

The cultural assocuation Dawawine has proposed to start the evening with a selection of animated

films for youth, and later show a longer work in two parts.

a dance video presented in the Montpelier Dance Festival of 2012.



Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran 2012
Moon, Neighbours, Us