Dar Onboz, Beyrouth
From 2010 to 2014, Dar Onboz publising House was a particular partner in different activities that both decided to lead together.
Two perfomances were born on that occasion: Seven plus 7 and There was a bird on a tree ( cf performances page). Both performances  toured all over lebanon in the Nhar w Layl event.
Nahr w Layl went to public gardens in Beirut, palestinian camps of Rachidiye, Baalbeck, Beddawi, in Bourgheliye, supported by Qattan fondation  during "Selat" project, but also in Wadih Khaled, Batroun, Faqra, Amchit, Hermel….etc
Dar Onboz was particuliarly involved for the creation of  Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran 2011, 2012.